EPICA Cartridge KYB 48mm YZ-YZF-KXF 250-RMZ 250-TM RACING

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EPICA Cartridge dual spring Lainer Suspension for KYB 48mm.

  • YZF 450 2014-2022
  • YZF 250 2014-2022
  • YZ 125  2006-2022
  • YZ 250  2006-2022
  • RMZ 250 2019-2022
  • KXF 250 2020-2022
  • TM RACING 2017-2022

ATTENTION: In order to mount the cartridge it’s necessary to shorten 5 mm the OEM shaft on the bushing side (see the instruction file SHAFT KYB MODIFY).

SPRINGS ARE EXCLUDED, ask for your rate before the purchase.


Our new EPICA Cartridge System is the culmination of years of experience, testing and development into a single project. The main goal for this project was to develop a highly tunable cartridge to allow riders to fine tune their forks in ways that was never before possible. Below is a break down of the key features of this innovative design.

External adjustments:

  • Compression damping – 60 clicks of sensitive adjustment– Adjustment at top of cartridge.
  • Rebound damping – 50 clicks of sensitive adjustment– Located at fork bottom.
  • External spring preload adjustment – 0 to 15mm– Easily adjusted with a 16mm socket at the fork bottom.

Innovative Features:

  • Bladder System
    • Our bladder system prevents performance loss that can occur with standard internal spring systems (due to hydraulic support decay).
    • Internal oil compensation with increased volume for better high speed response.
    • Ability to tune bladder pressures via the side bleed spring.
  • EPICA cartridge incorporates Lainer’s Progressive Damping System (PDS) for increased hydraulic damping at the end stroke.
    • PDS system has up to 12 different adjustments for the end stroke stiffness.
  • High Speed compression piston is reversible with a large range of settings.

Technical Specs:

  • Machined from premium 7075 and 6060 alloys and hard anodized.
  • Reversible High Speed compression piston – outer diameter = 38 mm.
    • Side A (Flat valve surface) – 34mm OD shims for motocross and enduro.
    • Side B (Convex valve surface) – 32mm OD shims for supercross.
  • Option to configure Low Speed Valve (LSV) on compression base valve.
  • Cartridge rod diameter = 14 mm (for an increased oil flow).
  • Rebound piston diameter = 25mm for better hydraulic control.
  • Compression high/low speed shims ID 12 mm.
  • Maximum travel = 310 mm.
  • Maximum shim diameter for Mid-Valve By-pass = 21 mm.
  • Ability to set Mid-Valve float clearance with the stack shims.
  • Mid-Valve/By-pass floating shim ID = 6 mm (for a soft response at high speed on the braking bumps).
  • Rebound shims ID = 6 mm (uses triangular mid-valve shims to avoid any oil turbulence on compression).
  • Low friction NBR bottom seal.
  • Ability to extend the cartridge through the nylon washers.
Weight 4.6 lbs