Kit Compression Midvalve WP XPlor Single

$120.00 (TAX excl.)


Adjuster that replaces the stock piston that comes without shims and with a little hydraulic control.

It allows a better hydraulic control in compression and makes the fork harder and controlled from the low speed.

Noted: The adjuster works counterclockwise direction (to harden it goes counterclockwise, to soften it goes clockwise).


  • 250/300 EXC TPI SIX DAYS  2017-2021
  • 150/250/300 EXC TPI  2017-2021
  • 250/350/450/500 EXC-F SIX DAYS  2017-2021
  • 350/450/500 EXC-F  2017-2021
Weight 0.08 kg